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Last updated : 26-Aug-23

Who we are

Thinking Metal is an independent record label based in the North East of England. The label was formed in 1995 and currently represents SkinMechanix, Ion & The Cray Twins.

What we do

Our main activity is managing works by our signed artists.

Core Values

We're passionate about music. We're passionate about artists and getting a fair deal for all.

We're about honesty, integrity and the desire to boogie the night away to the best possible music on the planet.

Come and join the party.

Music & Current Projects

Ion are primarily focussed on soundtrack work and synchronisation licensing. Their music has featured on a wide range of projects - from small, minority interest podcasts, to medium budget relaxation vidoes and even a couple of (modest) Hollywood movies.

SkinMechanix are heavyweight, industrial art-house shockers. They're our prodigal son. They do their own thing. They're a bit scary, frankly.

T-Bass are pure, unadulterated synthwave and proud of it. If you like your music loud and muscular, love big shoulder pads and perms, and your white linen jacket is just back from the Dry Cleaners then they're for you.

Thinking Metal is proud to sponsor Bridges, a radio show dedicated to electronic Music is all of its weird and wonderful forms. The show airs on Radio Northumberland on the second and fourth Saturday of each month with repeats on the first and third Saturday. Additional repeats are broadcast on Monday & Thursday nights at 2200 hours. This is a small community radio station with big ambitions. We hope to have a proper DAB licence within the year.

The focus of the show is mainly on dark electro, shouty guitar bands, cool ambient and lots and lots of bands local to the North East of England.

Other projects : Arts & Multimedia

We're huge film fans. We've been making our own promotional movies for twenty years, learning the skills, slowly improving our technique and building up a healthy array of production tools. Last year, we began experimenting with animation and a few off-the-wall production techniques, which makes us unique in this region.

We've produced promo videos for a range of clients large and small, most recently for The Hoppings, which is Europe's largest travelling fun fair.

We're also huge technology geeks. We design, prototype and manufacture our own instruments - mostly sequencers & synthesisers - as well as experimenting with alternative techniques for creating and manipulating sound and video.

Our Vimeo Archive

Sounds & Music

Buy Stuff

All of our titles are available for immediate download over on our Bandcamp page. If you really want to help support independent artists then Bandcamp are the Mutt's Nuts as far as we're concerned.

However, we do still stock CDs from our back catalogue.

Contact Thinking Metal

If you would you like to be added to the Thinking Metal Newsletter or if you would like to talk to the Thinking Metal Team then send us an e-mail at thinkingmetal@infectionmusic.com